What is New in Next Android Update?

By on July 5, 2014

Apple fans are happy to know that the new version of the iOS is coming out in few days; the iOS 8 have several new features and improvements regarding visuals, performance and stability. In addition, the Android new version called “L Release” is also just a few weeks far. The expected name of this release is “Lollypop” but the Google hasn’t announced the name yet and calling it L Release, the official name will be declared few days before the release.

Who will get it first?

Obviously, like always, Nexus devices are the luckiest one to get this latest release. The Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 are expected to get their hands on the L Release as soon as it is available. Unlike the iOS devices which have several ways to get the update, Android devices get the update from the device only. You will get the system update notification automatically, yet if you are so eager then you can go to settings >> about >> check system update.

What is new in L Release?

The new update might have the version name of 4.5 or 5.0; it has the entire new look and User Interface with flat graphics, minimal design and bright colors. You can get the idea of new design from the Google + app. The animations and transitions will be smoother and flashy as well as the on screen navigation buttons will also has a new design of simple triangle and circle.

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The second major modification is the notification area and notification bar. The new notification features are smarter than before with more usefulness. The notification bar is available now even if you are playing a game or running an app in full screen mode. All you have to do is to slide from top to open the notification bar. The notification bar is even available on the lock screen from where you can see the latest notifications and swipe them away as well as tap on them to see more information.

The new multitasking window has the all new look with 3D design from where you can navigate to different apps and games opened in the background. The Google Now is also modified with some new features; you can open new apps from the Google Now directly as well as searching other things from the same search bar. For example, you can get the latest updates of your favorite team or a specific match by entering the name of the team, you can also search the name of a movie and the Google Now will show you the IMDB page of that movie in the same window without navigating to the IMDB website.

The security features are also modified and now even smarter. The device automatically gets unlock if it is in a secure location. For example, you can set your home or any other place as a secure location and when you are at home, the device unlocks itself without entering the PIN or pattern code.

Obviously, the new L Release is faster than the earlier version and less hungry for the battery. The developers are now able to design and develop the apps which use the battery and system resources efficiently.


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  1. Abraham M.

    July 11, 2014 at 6:14 am

    project butter was amazing, hoping something of that kind in the L.

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