How to use Google Drive?

By on June 29, 2014

Google Drive is an excellent service and app for the people who like to create backup of their important files and memorable pictures. Google Drive not only offers to create the backup but also offers many other features like instant sharing and signing in. Almost all of the cloud storage apps and services have the same basic working. You install the software on your PC or laptop and it creates a special folder on your desired location. You put your files in it and the files upload automatically when the network is available.

The Google Drives works on the same method; you can download the Google Drive software from the Google website and then while installing select a folder in your desired path. Put all of your important files and images you want to upload. Make sure you create folders accordingly while copying those files to the Google Drive folder. Not sit back and relax because the Google Drive does the rest. You can attach multiple devices like PCs, phones and tablets with the same Google Drive account and it syncs all the files in all of the devices. One thing you must keep in mind that if you delete one file from one device then you’ll lose the file from all of the devices.


Almost same method is with the mobile devices, you can download the Google Drive on your iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices from Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for the relevant devices. The Google Drive is not only used as a backup of important files but you can also use it for sharing files with your friends and family. For example, most of the email service providers like Yahoo and Gmail do not allow attaching a file with 25MB size or more. You can simply put your files in the Google Drive folder and then send the download link to anyone; it is quite easy to do.

Unlike other cloud storage services like Dropbox and Box, you do not need a separate account in order to use the Google Drive. All of the Gmail users already have the Google Drive account, all you have to do is to download it and sign in with the credential you use in the Gmail account. The Google Drive gradually replaced the Google Docs, which was an amazing feature to open the office files online. Users were able to edit and create the new files whenever and from wherever they want.

The Google integrate this feature into the Google Drive and now you can log in to your Google Drive account from anywhere in the world and create new office files as well as edit the existing ones. Currently the Google Drive supports several office files formats like Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations and the PDF files. Google Drive gives you 15 GB of storage on the initial setup and you can upload a file up to 10 GB in size, this storage space is free. In case you want some extra space, you can get the paid subscription which is $2 per month for 100 GB storage. In case, this is still not enough for you then you can get 1 TB storage space for $10 per month.

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    Dropbox is better than anyone else, the referral system allows to get more free storage.

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