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By on June 29, 2014

The smart phones are more than a just a mobile, you can install thousands of apps from the relevant app store in your mobile device. Google Play Store and Apple App Store have millions of apps from thousands of developers and companies worldwide. You can install apps to ease your daily work, or to make you more and more productive each day. There are also many apps which keep you inform about the world. You can download and install the complex apps for news and upcoming events as well as the simple apps to keep you updated about the weather conditions in your city or someplace else. Here is a list of some top weather apps in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the earliest weather services available on the internet, though its app for the mobile devices came late in the market but still it is one of the most downloaded apps in the weather genre of all the time. Yahoo Weather is currently available for several different operating systems and devices such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone and the BlackBerry.


The best thing about the Yahoo Weather is its reliability. The weather predictions are not only in ‘extended’ mode where you can see the whole week weather but you can also see the hour by hour prediction in which you can see the weather and climate condition on hourly basis. The Yahoo Weather app is available for free and there is no fee for even using the services.


The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel is also a famous weather app and service available worldwide on the internet. The Weather Channel is available for almost all of the mobile platforms including the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Bada and Symbion operating system. The Weather Channel is not only available in the big cities but it also shows the weather conditions of a small town or even village based on the weather conditions of the nearby big cities.

Hence, the way they predict the weather of a village makes the conclusion unreliable yet something is better than nothing. The Weather Channel has the social media platform integration so the users can share the weather reports with their friends and family.


Accu Weather

You probably have heard the name of Accu Weather as the service is widely used in many parts of the world. According to a report, the Accu Weather has the weather and climate report of more than 2.8 million locations worldwide at any given moment. Accu Weather is available for Android and iOS while the company recently launched the app for the Windows Phone.

The Accu Weather service lets you know about the weather report on hourly, weekly and even hourly basis. The best part is that, you can integrate the Accu Weather with your calendar and the service lets you know about the climate according to events on your calendar. Although, there is lots of room for the improvement yet it is still one of the best services regarding weather.



WeatherBug is an app and service for the weather reporting and prediction available from their website or from the mobile devices directly. The WeatherBug app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms right now while the company is planning to expand its territory by releasing the app for other platforms as well.

WeatherBug has all the features like any other weather reporting app and service, yet there are few exclusive features and options in it. The WeatherBug uses the GPS data to determine the location of the user while using the mobile device. You can even set the alerts for dangerous weather for multiple locations.

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