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By on November 18, 2014

It is a good way to discover amazing apps by simply filter out most downloaded apps but if you want something else then go for apps that frequently get updates. Following are some apps that got updated this week. If you have already installed any of these apps then don’t forget to update it from Google Play Store.

Android Wear

Wearable gadgets have been getting popularity for last couple of months; recently Google updated their Android Wear app to version 1.0.4. This latest update comes with lot of new features and bug fixes. Now users are able to listen to music offline via Bluetooth headsets from their watch. On the other hand, this update also brings a feature that allows users to take control of the card preview. Google also introduced battery saver mode that simply turns off screen when battery is low.

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Though Greenify is made for rooted Android devices but non-rooted devices also run this app with some limited features. Greenify finally got an update after two months and this latest version comes with a totally new user interface with material design. Greenify version 2.5.0 also supports latest version of Android that is 5.0. Developers also successfully reduced the total package size of this app and made it lighter than before.

Google Keyboard

Though Android (and now iOS 8 too) allows users to install 3rd party keyboards like insanely famous Swift Key but most of the Android users like to stick with the native Google Keyboard. Recently Google decided to improve their keyboard and they released updated version with some bug fixes, improved user interface and a new design to show corrections and suggestions.

Nike+ Running

As already mentioned, fitness apps and even devices have been getting lots of popularity nowadays. Nike+ Running is one of the most popular fitness apps available today. Nike recently updated their app and there are lots of new features you’ll see in this version. Nike+ Running version 1.5.0 comes with complete compatibility with Google Fit. The app also made is very easy to connect the device the app. On the other hand, Nike+ Running is now fully compatible with Samsung Gear S which is a widely used fitness device in the market.

Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary is a premium app with lots of features and options. Though there are thousands of photo editing apps available on Google Play Store but Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most famous app in this genre because of the design and features of this app. Photo Editor by Aviary is now updated to latest version 3.6.0. This version comes with some new tools like lighting, color, overlays and vignette. You can sync your downloaded supplies and restore them again if you want.


Instagram is a world famous photo sharing app and service, now you can update this app on your Android device to latest version 6.10.0. This version comes with a better, faster and much responsive user interface.

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    Pretty familiar apps but still they are good I like them :)

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    i like this google keyboard app. I really use it a lot :D

  • Selly

    I like greenify app which helped me install all the apps I want without taking into consideration their size

  • martin

    Nike+ running is another very boring health app. I don’t like these apps.

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    I follow sport and health apps a lot so nike+ is one of my favorite apps :)

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    Personally i don’t like Instagram app btw it is an old app and i don’t really enjoy using it

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    Nothing new and nothing special :/

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    Android wear app is really good app. I really like it and i recommend it to everyone

  • Joana

    Greenify is a very good app. I really like it and it is pretty easy to use it. I see that most of you have questions about its installation but it is pretty easy to use :)

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