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By on June 26, 2014

The smart phones have changed our lives in a positive way, now we have thousands of apps to download from the relevant app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Some of the apps for pure entertainment, some for educational purpose and some make our lives more productive by automating some small tasks. In case you are a sports fan (not matter what), you can download and install the sports app to get the latest scores, match situation, fixtures, results and even the news. We have compiled a list of top sports app. You can download them from the relevant app store.

ESPN Sport Center

ESPN Sport Center is the most downloaded sport app on the iOS devices as well as the Android phones and tablets. Though it is available for several other platforms including the Blackberry and Windows Phone, yet it is popular among these two. The ESPN Sport Center has several features. You can check the live scores as well as reading the relevant news.

Among other thing, the best feature of the ESPN Sport Center is the responsiveness and update frequency. The app information and score of the live games update in a fraction of second and you do not have to wait for long. The app is design beautifully with the sole purpose of providing the latest information in an excellent manner.



The Cricinfo is also from the ESPN network, the Cricinfo is exclusive with the cricket news and other information. So, it is not a ‘sport center’ but only for the cricket. People all over the globe use the ESPN website and Cricinfo app on their smart phones to get the latest score, news, fixtures and the results of previous games.

The Cricinfo not only provides the above mentioned information but you can also search the profile of a single team or player from the app itself. Same like the other ESPN networks and apps, the Cricinfo updates frequently (my guess is every 5 seconds). This way you get the latest scores and news, you can even see the match on TV and read the stats on the app at the same time.


Yahoo Sport

Yahoo Sport was one of the earliest sports website in the industry. It was also one of the earliest sport apps on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store as well as on the BlackBerry and Windows Phone. The Yahoo Sport app is designed to sync the information with the Yahoo Sport website in the real time. So, you can expect the same information on the Yahoo Sport website as on the Yahoo Sport app for your smart phone.

The Yahoo Sport is a portal for several different games, you can select football, cricket, tennis or many other sports as per your desire and get the latest score, fixtures, match stats and even news.



Recently the Fifa launched its app for the football fans; the timing was perfect as the Fifa Football World cup for 2014 is currently being held in the Brazil. The football fans are downloading and installing the Fifa official app on their smart phones on a large scale. The Fifa official app is available for several different platforms including the Android, iOS, Windows Phone and the BlackBerry.

The app works and looks better on a tablet or a phone with large screen because how it shows the information about the game and shows the live score. Though there are some bugs in the app as well as it is not available for some devices and crashes on some, but it is still famous and grossing with the football fever.

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  1. Stella34

    June 26, 2014 at 7:53 pm

    not a cricket fan, but my husband uses the Cricinfo for cricket and stuff.
    seems a good app.

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