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The advent of smartphones has necessitated an advancement of mobile phone applications. Today, many apps have been integrated with numerous wearable gadgets to enhance user’s convenience. With the number of mobile device users on the rise, it is anticipated that app downloads will increase exponentially as the year 2017 comes to an end. Many companies and technicians are already preparing to launch dynamic apps in the year 2018. This article aims at exploring Top Apps of the year 2017 that mobile gadget users enjoyed using.

1.     Dusk

Many individuals take to social media to share controversial and personal stories with the masses. With the emergence of live videos, individuals can now speak to their audience one on one. While they do it for the purpose of motivating other people going through similar experiences, there are many repercussions associated with this.

The fear of cyberbullying may prevent one from talking about critical issues. However, users can now speak up without fear thanks to the Dusk App. It enables users to connect with their online audience and stream live videos anonymously. It comes with various options to disguise the user’s voice and identity. Users can take advantage of the audio voice changer and pixelated video options to speak about any topic without fear of getting castigated.

2.     GanePay

Ganepay comes with various features which include direct in store spending via dominant Apple pay and NFC Tap services. Also included is the coupon redemption option which transforms it into one of the most effective apps of the year 2017.

It enables users to receive and send money and pay for goods and services directly, explore, accumulate, and share limited deals. The GanePay app can be defined as an all under one roof kind of app. For instance, GanePay bots enable users to monitor activity in their account. This app is compatible with both android and iOS.

3.     Google Translate

With this app, users are able to translate more than 100 languages through typing. The advantages of having this app in any mobile device are numerous. The tap to translate option enables users to receive popup translations by copying text from random apps within the device. In addition, users can use the app while offline.

However, the number of languages they can translate to will be limited. Other features include: translating text by taking pictures with the phone’s camera, two-way conversation translations, and archiving translations in any language for reference in future.

4.     Wikitude

Businesses have come a long way in embracing digital solutions. Every business owner desires to employ current technological solutions to develop their businesses and propel them to the next step. The Wikitude App has been integrated with Wikitude Studio. This enables businesses and brands seeking to distribute reality augmented projects and campaigns around the globe do so with ease.

The Wikitude SDK app which was initially aimed at helping developers and programmers to create an AR app has now been upgraded to enable individuals with no technical knowledge to build and distribute own augmented reality app in the Wikitude app.

5.     Sola (Previously known as Plag)

Sola, users do not have followers or friends as is the case with social media. A registration enables one to receive communication constantly. This app functions like a virus in the sense that when a user sends out information, it is distributed to other users who are nearer to the distributor physically. They then become infected with the information and can either decide to share it out or not.


In addition Sola comes with all social media features such as stats, notifications and comments. It is, however simple and clutter free.

6.     Twitter

Twitter has, of course been around for quite some time now. However, it continues to advance and launch new features every now and then. The year 2017 saw many individuals making use of live streaming on twitter. Some notable live stream videos which happened on Twitter this year has to be the Presidential debates of the USA.

Numerous people were able to access and watch the debates more than was the case on mainstream media. Twitter also live streamed the NFL top ten for which the company paid a good sum of Dollars.

7.     IFTTT

If This Then That (IFTTT), enables users to combine and regulate everything within their surroundings with their voice. This app comes with many essential features to keep users updated with various events. These include: weather forecast, current news updates from different publications such as ProPublica and New York Times, and delivering automated alerts to them in case of any security lapse.

With this app, users can organize their social media platforms and also automatically share and create a backup for their photos. With IFTTT, users can control temperature in their homes as desired.

8.     Messenger

Messenger is an ideal way of connecting with people directly. This app has undergone transformations to make it one of the most efficient mobile apps. Users can now call their friends and family in different countries all over the world for free. It is easier to see whether messages have been delivered when they have been delivered, and whether or not they have been read.

Users of the Messenger app can also send videos and photos conveniently. Messenger comes with an inbuilt camera which can take instant photos and record activities instantly. Other features include: conversation enhancement through the use of stickers, audio recording option, and group chats.

9.     Prisma

Prisma is an excellent app which many users have grown to love. It is capable of modifying videos and photos into brilliant works of art. This app utilizes different art styles from popular artists throughout the world. These artists include Picasso, Van Gogh, and Levitan. With Prisma, users can alternate between various themes as desired. It enables one to transform memorable images into ageless vintage pieces.


Technological advancements have transformed the way people interact with each other. They have also eased the way people carry on with their daily activities. Today, one can regulate almost everything using an efficient app. The coming year promises to bring along more dynamic apps to boost convenience and make human interactions smoother.

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