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By on January 14, 2015

Many apps related to health and fitness released this week and amazingly all of these apps take different approach to different kind of users. Let’s take a look on top apps of this week.

UA Record

UA Record app provides a perfect combination of health service and social media where you can share your fitness status with your friends. Amazingly this app has been announced with the partnership of HTC and most of the upcoming HTC devices will come with this app. UA Record is not only available for android devices but it is also available for iOS devices. UA Record is compatible with almost all fitness tracking devices and it can help you maintaining your physical health, sleep cycle, heart rate and more.

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EFF (The Electronic Frontier Foundation) is a famous non-profit organization that is all about technology. Fortunately they finally have released their mobile app and you can keep track of all their work via that app. Though EFF is available for Android devices but the foundation strictly disagrees with the Apple’s policies and they have decided to not launch iOS app. So, if you have and iOS device then you cannot enjoy this amazing app. On the other hand, EFF is available for free for Android device on Google Play Store.

Carrot Hunger

Like many other apps and services already available, Carrot Hunger is also a fitness tracking app and service but it has quite a unique approach when it comes to keeping track of calories. Carrot Hunger has an extensive database of food items with exact amount of calories and you can enter the name of food item you just ate for tracking purpose. Whenever you eat more than your limit, Carrot Hunger blare alarms. Amazingly this great app with so many features is available for free on iTunes for iOS devices. Android users might have to wait a little longer t get their hands to this app.

Perfect Recorder

As the name suggests, Perfect Recorder allows you to record via microphone. What makes this app different than thousands of other apps available today is its user interface and structure which is simple. All you have to do is press the big recording button to start recording and then you’ll get two options to pause or record that recording. You can also access all the previous recordings from the app itself. Perfect Recorder is available for free on Microsoft Store while Android and iOS users have to wait for this app.

Evernote Scannable

Last year Microsoft released a great feature Office Lens for Windows Phone, that particular feature helps users to scan their physical papers and documents to make their digital copies. Evernote Scannable does the same thing but it has more features than Office Lens and it better integration with other services. You can download Evernote Scannable from Apple App Store aka iTunes for free for your iOS devices.

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  1. MissLee

    January 19, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Hey guys.. I would like to ask about Evernote Scannable. I would like to know whether one can easily scan his documents or if you guys have some suggestions. I would appreciate it. Thanks

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