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Spotify is a music streaming app which allows its users to listen to music directly on their device via internet with the help of streaming, like Pandora Radio. In recent years, music streaming has become a great opportunity for companies related to music industry. Spotify has direct competition with Pandora Internet Radio and iHeartRadio. Pandora Internet Radio is only available in Australia, New Zealand and United States; it has 125 million users in these regions. On the other hand Spotify has focus on European region and in USA it has lot of space for improvement and growth. Spotify is available for desktop and mobile platforms including Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and many other. You can visit their official website on your desktop PC or download app for your operating system.

Unlike Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify does not support a wide range of different devices. For example Pandora is available for hundreds of cars as well as smart TVs. Yet easy to use interface and customization is Spotify main features. After downloading the app on your device (either mobile or tablet) simply open Spotify app. It takes few seconds to load for first time; you need an account in order to login. Spotify does not work without login. If you already have an account then use those credential to login, otherwise tap on the “register now” button and create an account.

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There are three different types of accounts you can create while registering. First option is for a “totally free account” which is limited in functionality. Free account allows you to listen to maximum 10 hours of music per month. This is almost 100 songs per month; this number is enough for many people but if you want more access than move to other options. The second type of account is “ad supported”. You’ll get unlimited access to music contents. This account costs your $5 per month.


It seems a fine deal but ad supported account has a huge disadvantage of annoying ads. These ads are targeted based on users’ preferences and they appear on the screen after a certain interval. If you don’t have a problem with some ads after few songs then this is the best deal you can get from Spotify. The third type of account is “premium”. This particular account is not only unlimited but also ads free. Premium users get access to whole music library as well as they can listen to as many songs they want. Premium account costs $10 per month. Premium users also get some exclusive features which we’ll discuss later.

Spotify has a quite simple working and user interface. Once you install app and create an account, simply use those credential to login. After successful login, you’ll see a search bar on the main screen. You can now search for your favorite song, artist or even genre and listen to songs. This feature is available in all types of accounts including free one. If you are a premium user then you can download that song to your local library. This feature allows you to listen to offline available songs even if you are not connected to internet.


Spotify uses same feature which other music streaming services and apps use. It gets your feedback for a particular song, artists or band and later uses that feedback to recommend similar songs and artists. You can switch between different types of accounts anytime. For example, you can create a free account for trial purpose and later upgrade that account to premium account to get unlimited access. You can also get premium account for free for one month as trial.

Google Music is also a direct competitor of Spotify, both of these services offer unlimited access for $10 per month, but Google Music does not have a free account with streaming access. In that free account, users can only listen to music they have purchased from Google Play Store. Spotify allows you to stream music in high quality of 320 kbps, you need monthly subscription in order to avail high quality music. Spotify has a huge collection of music with 20 million songs available today and 20,000 being added daily. On the other hand, Pandora Internet Radio has 800,000 songs in its collection.

Spotify also makes sure to include latest albums and songs in its collection so users can get instant access to those contents. As mentioned earlier, Spotify allows users to save tracks offline but you can listen to those tracks from app itself. This feature is also limited to 3,333 tracks per device per account. Google Music allows users to upload up to 20,000 songs from their personal collection. Users can listen to those songs from other devices by using same account.

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  1. Philips

    September 28, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    just being realist, Pandora is much better than spotify because it supports wide range of devices (TVs seriously?), and it has much better recommendation system than any other streaming service available today.

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