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Skype is a well known name among people all over the globe, it is available in more than 170 countries and millions of people use its services on daily basis. Skype is available for several different desktop platforms as well as mobile operating system. It is available for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Bada, Symbion, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and several other platforms. If you already use Skype on your desktop computer then it is easier for you to use Skype on mobile phone because they share identical features and interface. Skype helps you communicate with your friends and family via messages and audio/video calls via internet access.

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How Skype Works?

Skype is a VoIP and IM service; VoIP refers to Voice over Internet Protocol which allows a particular service to use internet for transferring audio and video data. IM refers to Instant Messaging service which delivers message in real time via internet. Skype on all platforms including desktop and mobile operating system uses same infrastructure. All you need is a Skype compatible device with Skype installed on that and internet access to chat or talk to your friends and family.

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Important Note

As mentioned above, you can use Wifi Network or data plan on your phone to use Skype because Skype needs internet access. The important thing to remember is that most of carriers allow limited data plans, so track your data usage while using Skype because the data might exceed from limit. Wifi Networks do not share same problems because of their unlimited usage policy, though you have to confirm that from your ISP.

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Skype Key Features

Skype is a free app as well as free service. You can get Skype from their official site for your device or you can go to relevant app store to get it for your mobile device. For example you can download Skype for your Android device from Google Play Store and for iOS devices visit Apple App Store aka iTunes.

Skype allows you to make unlimited video and audio calls to your friends and family. These calls are Skype to Skype. You can also make Skype to landline or mobile calls but those calls are not free. You can get call rates from Skype official website. Skype call rates are cheaper than carrier rates but you need internet access to make those calls. You must have credit in your Skype account to make those calls.

You can send unlimited messages to other Skype users. Skype also has a wide range of Emoji icons which is much better way to communicate with friends. You can also send pictures, videos and other files via Skype. This feature allows you to share your documents and other files instantly with your friends or even professional colleagues.

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Skype has an impressive audio and video quality. By default, Skype tries to establish a call with highest possible video and audio quality but if you have a slower network then it automatically adjusts video quality. This feature is very useful because it prioritize audio over video quality on slower networks.

As you already know that Microsoft acquired Skype couple of months ago, now Skype is integrated with Microsoft apps and services. If you don’t have a Skype account then you can simply use your Microsoft account to login. You can also use Outlook to get Skype messages and other logs.

Skype has several other features but it has an incredible optimal interface with all important features on main screen. Skype also allows you to set different status messages. If you don’t want to be seen as “online” then set your status as “invisible”, there are other options too like “busy” and “do not disturb. You can also set a custom status message if you want.

Why Skype is better than other services and apps?

Skype is a light weight app and service which uses minimum system resources like processing power and battery. It allows you to stay connected with your family and friends all the time. Unlike mobile phone carrier, there are no roaming and expensive charges. The audio quality on Skype is not only excellent but it is better than many carriers, you can try that yourself.

If you don’t want to make Skype to landline or mobile calls then there is no need to spend money on Skype credit because you don’t need that for Skype to Skype calls. Skype not only supports mobile phones but you can also install it on tablets which allow you to see your loved ones on bigger screen with great video quality (depends on your network speed).

The Bottom Line

Skype is a free app, free service, easy to use, excellent quality and it has wide range of compatible devices. You should try it at least once.

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To uninstall the app:

- From the home screen, press the menu key and select Settings then Applications.

- Select Manage Applications.

- Scroll down and select Skype, then “Uninstall.”

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