A Review Of LG Mobile’s Latest And Exclusive Android Apps

By on October 26, 2017

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LG Electronics Inc. always keeps its best foot forward when it comes to producing powerful, sleek, and, lightweight android smartphones. The large and stunningly clear LCD touchscreens enable users to enjoy watching HD quality videos and PlayStation-like gaming experience. On matters software, you can access LG Mobile’s latest and exclusive Android Apps available on the exclusive LG Smart World platform or Android’s PlayStore.

Logic behind hosting LG apps on two different app stores

LG Electronics Inc. houses a large team of in-house software developers that are constantly refining smartphone apps and developing exclusive content. Owing to the large volume of daily traffic flowing into the official LG Electronics website, it made sense for the software programmers to provide LG Android smartphone applications on the same platform. This exclusive LG Android app store goes by the name of LG Smart World.

However, the official website is inaccessible in certain countries. LG Electronics overcame this challenge by providing its Android applications on the famous PlayStore.

Below are some of the hottest LG Android smartphone apps that are causing ripples in both PlayStore and LG Smart World.

LG TV Remote

If you dislike getting off the couch in order to retrieve your T.V remote control from the opposite end of your living room, consider downloading the LG TV Remote app. The good news is that you won’t pay anything to access this app from either LG Smart World or PlayStore. Moreover, you can use LG TV Remote on a wide range of smart TVs from other brands such as Samsung and Sony.

The LG TV Remote has a simple user interface that prominently features basic controls such as ‘Channels’ and ‘Volume’ on the right and left-hand sides respectively. You can easily access the smart TV’s camera by tapping the camera icon appearing above the virtual remote’s menu. Whenever you want to scroll and select various items on the smart TV, you can activate a TouchPad on the app’s menu.

LG TV Plus

LG TV Plus is a must-have app for all smart TV owners. The LG TV Plus application is compatible with LG smart TVs and select brands with similar technical aspects. Just like the LG TV Remote app, LG smartphone owners can access this app from PlayStore or LG Smart World. For LG Smart TV Owners, the biggest advantage of owning this app is that you don’t need to download the LG TV Remote app.

You can use the launcher in this app to open applications installed on your smart TV. This app also provides real-time weather updates displayed on the top of your screen’s TV. In case you want to share funny memes and videos with family and friends, simply use the LG TV Plus app to display your phone’s gallery on the smart TV.  Activating the ‘Full Feature Mode’ enables users to access the TV guide straight from their LG Android smartphones.

LG Bluetooth Remote

When the Bluetooth remote to your LG home theater or AV receiver system runs out of power or goes missing, just download the free LG Bluetooth Remote app. LG Electronics released the first version in 2012. This app allows users to pair electronics such as sound bars, sound plates, Docking speaker systems, and, Portable systems. Its small size makes it compatible with a number of LG smartphones operating with earlier Android Operating Systems.

The LG Bluetooth Remote requires being within a range of five meters in order to activate compatible Bluetooth devices. The user interface contains a large wheel located at the center of the screen. This wheel contains volume control buttons and a ‘Pause’ button right at the center. Users can activate the radio feature in portable Bluetooth audio systems by clicking the “Tuner” icon located below the volume control wheel.

You can adjust the sound profile to match your liking by activating the Equalizer. This feature offers a number of preset sound templates such as ‘Concert’, ‘Headphones’, ‘Pop’, ‘Reggae’ just to list a few.

 LG Smart ThinQ

What’s the best way of managing LG smart home appliances inside your home? It’s easy because you just need to download the LG Smart ThinQ app on your LG smartphone. With this app, you won’t have to miss important scenes of your favorite TV series because you need to rush to the kitchen in order to switch off the oven. The LG Smart ThinQ app provides the entire oven’s controls on the palm of your hand.

Outside the kitchen, the LG Smart ThinQ app allows you to remotely control your washing machine and dryer from the comfort of your living room. You can adjust temperatures, water flow, and start-stop durations using a simple menu. Homeowners can activate daily or weekly house cleaning by programming schedules to the LG Robot Vacuum. When you are on vacation, you can activate your LG smart air conditioner for specific durations using the LG Smart ThinQ app.

LG 360 CAM Manager

The typical smartphone primary camera can only capture objects within a short field of view. However, LG Electronics Inc. went the extra mile of launching a 360-degree camera to give users an edge when it comes to recording videos and taking snaps. Thanks to this upgrade, you can capture brilliant images by remotely controlling the 360-degree camera’s lens from your LG’s screen.

The LG 360 CAM Manager app allows users to record videos in HD, MP4, and 3GP file formats. After saving your files, you can view them on your smart TV or access them through a computer on the same Wi-Fi network. This app allows users to watch previews while recording videos at the same time. It also has the fish-eye angle to enable you to capture images and record videos using a 270 degrees angle.

LG Health

LG smartphone owners can monitor their body’s progress when doing physical fitness exercises using the LG Health app. This app determines the user’s fitness goals after calculating the Body Mass Index (BMI). One can set daily goals based on the number of steps, calories, and distance.

These are only but some of LG mobile’s latest and exclusive Android Apps. There are many more out there to help all kinds of users to make their life better and more fun!

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