Is Your Phone Vulnerable?

By on July 2, 2014

In case you are here just to find out whether your phone is vulnerable to malware and other threats then I can save you time and give a short answer; YES.

Without any doubts the smart phones have changed our lives. Not only the phones but other smart gadgets like Tablets, Smart TVs and other things related to them are very useful in our daily routine. Especially the Android operating system is very open and allows freedom to the developers as well as to the end users. You can change your device entirely by installing thousands of apps and games available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store aka iTunes. Yet there are disadvantages too.

First threat you face it from the 3rd party apps. Though the Google and App have strict policies for the developers and published app, and they control the environment pretty good but there are other ways to get your hands to the apps unofficially. According to a report, a high percentage of iOS users do jailbreak their iPhone. Jail breaking is a process to unlock the iOS devices so the user could install the unofficial apps in the device. While the Android users does the same (rooting) but that is not our concern because you can install unofficial apps in Android devices without rooting. Downloading and installing apps and games from 3rd party sources may bring harm to your data and device itself as there is no authenticity of those apps and no authority to scan those apps.


Virus, Malware and Spyware can damage your files, data and device itself as well as stealing your sensitive information. It is highly recommended to download and install an antivirus, anti malware and anti spyware app in your device. Most of the security apps like Norton, Lookout Security and BitDefender have all these features in a single app so you don’t have to install more than one as these apps consume the battery and system resources on excessive level.

Data loss is serious issue now a day as the devices are not much expensive but the data is priceless. Even if you are a student or housewife without any sensitive data in your device but you still might have memorable pictures. There are several scenarios where you can lose your precious data; for example you could lose your device or damage it by dropping. There are some simple solutions; first of all to download and install a cloud data storage app which gives you online storage. You can buy the premium services for a fee while you can get a limited storage (10GB or more) for free; the Dropbox, Google Drive and Box are some examples.

In case you don’t have the online backup of your files and you want to get your device back (if lost or stolen) then you can install a anti theft app. These types of apps help the users to find his device with the help of online portal and GPS. All you have to do is to install one of these apps and then log in to their website in case you need their services. The best part is that the most essential features are free on many apps. The Prey, Norton, Lookout Security are some good examples.

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  1. TONY

    July 11, 2014 at 6:16 am

    after some disasters, I learnt to make backups.

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