Panic Button: Something new in town.

By on June 29, 2014

Have you seen the news? Probably there was some news about an unfortunate event where the damage could be less if the concerned person would be able to contact the authorities soon enough. That’s an everyday tragedy, regardless of the incident caused by the nature or from a fellow human being, it is always sad. The saddest part is that when we realize that the life of the person could be saved in case of immediate response, and the response could be immediate it the SOS call would went soon. There are lots of ‘ifs’ in the whole scene and someone had to do something about it.

Fortunately the Amnesty International took that step and launched their app named “Panic Button”, as the name states the app makes your phone a panic button which you can use in case you are in some kind of trouble and want to contact someone immediately. The basic working of the app is very simple; it alerts the specific contacts you add in the list. You can add multiple contacts in the list and if you are in a dangerous situation such as facing torture or kidnapping then you only have to press one button and the device will send your current location to those contacts. Obviously, the device gathers the location data from the GPS.


All you have to do is to press the power button multiple times and the device will send the message including your coordinates to the three numbers you already have in the list. The message also includes a link to the map where the receiver can see your current location. The Panic Button has an extra layer of security as well, in order to prevent the attacker to disable the app; you can also set the PIN code and hide the app from the settings menu.

According to the Amnesty International official statement, “The aim of the Panic Button is to increase protection for activists around the world who face the ever present threat of arrest, attack, kidnap and torture”.

The Panic Button is released yet it is still in the beta phase, you can download and install it from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store but expect some bugs. Hopefully the next update will fix all the bugs and issues in the initial release.

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