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By on July 3, 2014

Without any doubt the mobiles are an essential part of our lives, and more than that we cannot survive without them. Rather than using the phone for making calls and sending messages, we use these little devils for multi purposes. We use phones to increase our day to day productivity by automating small tasks; we use the utility apps to help us do things like making lists or tracking our expenditures. But one fact we cannot deny that smart phones have ruined our social life. Yeah, you can join social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to prove how “social” you are, but deep down we all know that is not enough. We all hate others to use their phones while talking to us but the fact is that we all do that too.


The excessive use of phone is called “addiction” now a day but soon it will be a recognized disease. The interesting fact is that we all know the disadvantages of the extreme usages of the phones like waste of time, eye sight bad effects and the anti-social behavior but no one did anything in this regard till now.

Moment is a newly launched app for the iOS which is developed for the sole purpose of helping us to avoid the excessive usage of smart phones. What this app does is quite simple yet amazing; the Moment for iOS runs continuously in the background of you iPhone and tracks your phone usage. You can see what apps and games you use and play the most. How much time and in what cycles you are using specific apps.

The best feature in the Moment is that, you can set your daily limit. For example you can set 60 minutes and set the alert after every 15 minutes. So, when you use the phone for 15 minutes in a day, it gives you a warning and so on. Obviously the app is not going to lock your phone after the limit reaches (but this is heavily needed feature) but you get the idea of your excessive usage. You can also see the results and statistical data in graphical format to get the visualize idea of your usage. The app is designed in elegant and compact manners and it uses very little system resources and battery power to run in the background all the time. The Android version for the same app might release in few days as the iOS version is now quite popular.

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