How To Improve iOS 8 Battery Life?

By on September 23, 2014

Apple iOS 8 has arrived, with many user interface improvements as well as with several different new features. Though iOS 8 is relatively new in market, it already causing some battery related issues especially in iPad. There is nothing to worry, these are some minor bugs and Apple will fix them in next iOS update (probably iOS 8.1). Until Apple decides to do so, here are some tips and tricks you can apply to your iOS devices with iOS version 8 in order to improve their battery life.

Before we talk about how to improve battery life, let’s discuss the latest feature iOS brings. IOS 8 allows users to check battery usage of their devices with the help of built in feature. Interesting fact is this feature is already present in Android devices with Android version 2.2 or later. With the help of this battery usage feature, you can easily see which apps are using excessive amount of battery. You can also see that in optimal conditions, how long your device’s battery will last. To see battery usage, simply go to Settings >> General >> Battery Usage; you’ll see two different options like “Last 24 hours” and “Last 7 days”.


Most of the Smart Phones come with a big and bright display, without any doubt these displays look fantastic and awesome especially if they have higher dpi. But on the other hand, these displays consume excessive amount of battery. Obviously, you don’t have to sacrifice your smart device only for a longer battery life, but you can definitely follow some steps to reduce battery consumption. First of all, keep your device brightness level to minimum. You can do this from control center or from settings. First you have to disable “auto brightness” feature, then you can set brightness manually.

Make sure you have selected minimum possible screen timeout that is 1 minute on iPhone. IOS 7 and later versions have a beautiful feature called “Parallax Effect”. This feature make screen and icons 3D and they move according to the device movement. This is a cool feature but if you want to preserve maximum possible battery life then you have to drop this. Go to settings >. General >> accessibility >> and enable reduce motion.

Vibration is a great feature, but you obviously don’t need this if you have ringer on. In order to turn off vibration when ringer is on, simply go to settings >> sounds>> and turn off “vibrate on ring” feature. IOS devices allow you to turn on Wi-Fi all the time and it automatically connects if there is a known or open network is available. But it also consume battery, so make sure you have disabled Wi-Fi if you are not using this or don’t have plan for using it for next few hours. Same goes for Bluetooth and GPS.

Now, sit back and relax, all you have to do is to wait for Apple new update to solve battery drain issue. You can check for latest update from Settings >> general >> software update.

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  1. Taylor Q.

    September 30, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    iPhone does not have to “save battery”, it is issue related to Android devices. :)

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