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By on September 7, 2014

Google has many great services like Gmail and Google itself but there are many mobile apps and services too developed by this company. Google Maps service is one of the oldest map services in history of computer and web technologies. Google Maps is also default map and navigation app by Google developed for Android devices. In most of Android devices, it is a native app. Google Maps is a very useful and amazing app because you can use it for several different purposes as well as for fun. People all over the globe use Google Maps for different purposes.

Many people (including me) use Google Maps to explore world. With the help of Google Maps you can see places you never visited in your life. All you have to do is typing the address and done. You can zoom out maps to street level which is pretty awesome. You can use “Street View” feature to see those places as you are standing there. Google updates these maps frequently and you can see those places with recent images and maps.


The main purpose of Google Maps is to provide navigation facility to its users. You can use Google Maps navigation feature even when driving. Many other similar apps and services are premium but Google Maps is totally free which gives it a huge advantage over its competitors. In Android devices, Google Maps is default navigation app. On the other hand, iOS devices including iPhone, iPod and iPad use Apple Maps as default but you can download and install Google Maps from Apple App Store aka iTunes.

If you don’t want to use Google Maps navigation feature or don’t need to, then you can still use this amazing app to search different places and addresses all over the globe. You can also find distance from one place to another. If you own a business, then you should add your business address and location on Google Maps to get more visitors and customers.

You can access Google Maps from your desktop computer via their website, from your mobile device via mobile version of their website or you can download Google Maps app from relevant app store. Google Maps website has a very simple interface. There are not many options on dashboard so you can easily learn how to use that. You’ll see search bar on top left corner on Google Maps website (desktop version). You can search for any place or address from there. Make sure you type full name because Google Maps searches that place or address all over the world but you’ll see the closest address on top.


On the bottom left corner, you’ll see an option to switch between Maps and Earth. Google Earth is a relatively new feature in Google Maps website. Actually Earth is a whole different service embedded into Maps; you can switch to Earth if you want to see satellite view which is more fun that maps. If you want to get directions, routes or distance from one place to another then you should use Maps mode, otherwise you can switch to Satellite view and enjoy.

On the bottom right corner, you’ll see few buttons. Top button is for Location; most of the laptops and desktop PCs don’t have GPS, you Google Maps uses network to determine your current location but that is not very efficient and takes a while. You can manually navigate to your location by typing the address. On mobile devices, this feature is pretty handy; we’ll talk about this later. There are zooming buttons too on bottom right corner. You can use those buttons to zoom in or zoom out current view. You can also zoom in or out via your mouse or mouse pad scroll. There is a yellow icon too besides those buttons. This is Street View feature; to use that feature, simply click and drag that icon to anywhere on map and you will see Street View of that location.

There is another option there which shows you pictures and other details about that location. You can click those images and download if you want. Google Maps also shows exact location on map where a particular picture gets taken. You can also see who uploaded that picture. If you want to share your own pictures then you can do that from Google Maps settings. Google Maps has a mobile version of its website, you can open that website on any browser on your mobile or tablet. The location feature is effective on mobile devices because most of these devices contain GPS feature.

On the other hand, Google Maps has mobile app too. Google Maps app is available for several different mobile operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Bada, Symbion and BlackBerry. Google Maps app is similar to its website but you can use navigation feature on mobile devices only via app. Google Maps app allows users to show and hide different layers from map. For example, users can easily show and hide traffic information, public transits information, satellite view, terrain information and borders.

You can save different places on Google Maps app to visit those later. You can save your current location on a trip and later you can return back to your location without entering or knowing the address via GPS feature. Google Maps is not only very useful app but you can also use its website or app to explore world and places you want to see.

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