How to get the best out of the Gentle Alarm Clock App.

By on October 25, 2017

Most android phones come with serviceable alarm clocks and timers. Many people tend to think that it is unnecessary to download a clock app because it has the same features that come with an android phone’s clock and alarm. However, this is not true. Default alarm clocks have features that are not as pleasing as the new clock alarm app features. One example is the harsh sounds an android phone’s alarm makes in the morning or every time the alarm goes off. The sounds are loud and annoying and anybody would want to wake up to less harsh sounds.

Instead of the harsh sounds, imagine waking up to a soothing voice politely reminding you it is time to wake up. You will definitely go with the soothing voice rather than the harsh sounds anytime. This is why clock alarms apps are here.

Clock and alarm apps come with more features and better customization options than the ones you find in android phones. Compared to default alarm clock features, android clock and alarm apps are more powerful. The other differences between the two are huge and anyone making a choice would definitely go with the apps features because almost all of them are very positive. One good example of a great alarm app with amazing features is the Gentle Alarm Clock App.

Gentle Alarm Clock

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Only a few clock apps are in google play nowadays. They have great and flexible features that you will not find in your android default clocks. One such app is Gentle Alarm, which has gained a lot of popularity because of its customization options. It allows you to customise the way you wake up which you do not get from your default alarm clocks. You can command a Gentle Alarm to do things that a default alarm cannot do.

For example if you do not want to wake up to a blinding screen, or a screen that it is too bright, it almost blinds you, you can command the Gentle Alarm to reduce the screen light  to whatever percentage you need so that the light does not distract you when you are disabling the alarm. While at it, you can command your Gentle Alarm to play you your favourite radio streams at whatever volume you wish and for whichever period you want. Gentle Alarm will do exactly that until you flip the phone over to stop the streaming.

Gentle Alarm app has features that let you wake up any way you want without disturbing anyone else sharing a bed with you or in the same bedroom with you. Besides the customisation options the alarm clocks offers you, it also comes with all the other features you would expect from a clock app.

Below are the features of the Gentle Alarm app.

You can configure Gentle Alarm clock app to do the following things

  • Wake you up to the sound of music, streaming of your favourite radio stations, your playlists or to songs by specific artists and genres.
  • Sound the alarm with volumes that increase and vibrate in intensity until it snoozes or you dismiss the alarm
  • Schedule a couple of alarms with every alarm playing its own song, playlist or any random song
  • Have as many alarms as you wish in whatever hour format you want and at any time of the day.
  • Allow you to solve some challenging questions or do simple math solutions before dismissing or snoozing the alarm
  • Launch one particular application after alarm is off
  • Create snooze, alarm and pre-alarm profiles, which allow you to customize volume, sound, alarm duration, fade-in volume and display brightness.
  • Alarm comes with three default profiles, which are “workday,” “day off,” and “nap.”
  • Enables you to auto-snooze or auto-dismiss alarms
  • Has an in- built “dock” mode and a “night mode”. Here the settings displayed on-screen or the current time, are dim, which makes it a great desk or bedside clock.
  • You can flip your phone over or simply shake it when you need to disable or snooze the alarm.
  • Enables color customization and background alarm display
  • Displays an on-screen countdown timer until alarm goes off, making it a great alarm clock as well as a timer
  • Home screen widget is downloadable, and so are extra alarm sounds incase the default selection does not please you.
  • Comes with an in-built torch
  • Has speech input for alarms support just like any the default alarm and clock does
  • Allows you to add more customization features and the use of the app to help track your sleep because it has support for third-party apps like Sleepbot and Tasker and Sleepbot,

Besides the above features, Gentle Alarm has all the other features you would expect from a default alarm clock app like one-button “all off” and “night” modes and multiple alarms. You can leave your clock running when your android phone is charging.

Where Gentle Alarm falls short

With every great invention, there are always the ups and the downs. Gentle Alarm is no exception and it has some features that make it not so perfect. These are:

  • It is not pretty to look at

Gentle Alarm has an interface that is not pleasing to the eye. This is mainly because it has not had a UI overhaul since its creation. With technology advancing as it is and apps created to attract as many people as possible, this is one feature that needs looking at and making some major improvements on. The same goes too for the default font of the clock. It is not as pretty as the features it comes with.

  • Not easy to use

Some of the features that come with Gentle Alarm are not as easy to use You may find the need to go back to using your android default alarm in conjunction with the Gentle Alarm because some features do not really give you that perfect scenario of “wake me up in the morning”. Incase all you need to do is take a little or short nap, you might find yourself opting to use the default android clock and alarm as your “wake me up” companion than wade through menus and buttons of the Gentle Alarm quick alarm options. In the end, you realize that quick alarm option actually means taking forever to set up an alarm option.

  • Notification issues

Some Lollipop users have complained of having modification issues with Gentle Alarm and the developers promise an update soon.


If you are looking for that gentle wake up you so desire, then the Gentle Alarm Clock App with a collection of beautiful and soft alarm sounds is just the perfect wakeup alarm for you. The app lets you dictate your mornings and goes further to give you age-based sleeping recommendations. For people that are scared of sleeping in complete darkness, Gentle Alarm gives you the option of sleeping in a dimly lit room. This is one great alarm clock app to help you start your day feeling relaxed.

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