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If you own an iOS device then you probably have heard the name “Cydia”. It is an iOS App Store which allows users to download and install apps and games on their jailbreak iOS devices. Cydia contains some exclusive apps and tweaks which you will not find in official iOS App Store aka iTunes. Cydia works with all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod. With the help of Cydia, you can also change the appearance of your device by installing and applying different themes. You cannot install Cydia on an iOS device which is not jailbreak. There are several methods to jailbreak an iOS device, you can search internet for that purpose but make sure you apply right method based on your device model and iOS version you are using.


In other words, Cydia is an App Store for jailbreak devices. There are free and paid apps available on Cydia. But Cydia is not as simple as other App Stores like iTunes and Google Play Store. Following are some FAQS which might help you understand this app better.

What is Cydia and why we need it?

Cydia is an app store for jailbreak devices; you need it on your jailbreak iOS device including iPad, iPod and iPhone in order to get apps. A jailbreak device also allows users to download and install apps and games from 3rd party sources but Cydia is simplest solution.

How to get Cydia on my iOS device?

As mentioned earlier, Cydia is only available for jailbreak devices. You cannot install it on a non jailbreak iOS device. Most of the jailbreak tools come with Cydia installed in them. You don’t have to install Cydia by your own. Before you use a specific tool, read documentation to know either it contains Cydia or not. Prefer a tool with built in Cydia app; if there is no tool available for your iOS device model and version with Cydia, then jailbreak your iOS device and then install Cydia manually. You can get Cydia from their official website.


What type of Apps and games are available in Cydia?

Cydia contains thousands of different apps and games, it collection is quite diversified. Some of the apps are also available in official app store iTunes, but some of the apps are exclusive to Cydia. For example, you can download different themes and performance tweaks which you won’t find in iTunes. You can also download different types of download managers to download video files directly on your device from any website.

Does Cydia contain free apps?

Most of the apps in Cydia are totally free; you can download and install those apps and games instantly. But some of the apps and games have price tag; the prices vary from $0.99 to $15 usually while some apps have higher price tag.

How can I get paid apps and games from Cydia?

Many people try to get access to Cydia via their Apple account. Apple App Store aka iTunes and Cydia are totally different things. You cannot use Apple account to buy apps from Cydia even though they both are iOS app stores. You can get paid apps and games from Cydia by paying via your PayPal account. Cydia also added other payment methods like Amazon Payment and Credit Card payment.

Is it safe to use Cydia?

Security and safety are not strongest features of Cydia. When you jailbreak your iOS device, you are on your own. Apple does not take responsibility for hardware and software damages caused by jailbreak process or even the jailbreak devices. You have to use Cydia on your own risk, because unlike Apple, Cydia does not have a strict culture and infrastructure for apps and games. Nevertheless you can minimize the risk by only downloading popular apps and downloading from reputed developers.

How to uninstalled Cydia from iOS device?

Cydia is not a normal app which you can uninstall easily with normal method. You get Cydia after jailbreak process, you can uninstall it by undo that process. You can make a factory reset to your iOS device which will remove all data and files from your device as well as Cydia app.

How to use Cydia?

Cydia has a slightly different infrastructure than other app stores like iTunes, Amazon App Store and Google Play Store. You have to enter sources in Cydia; different sources contain different apps and games. When you install Cydia, you get few built in sources. These sources are called “repositories” or simply “repo”. ModMyi and BigBoss are built in repos, but you can easily add your own from settings menu.

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