How to Capture Screenshot on Your phone?

By on July 5, 2014

Smart phones and tablets are little different than the desktop PCs and Laptops in terms of accessibility and productivity. The current form of tablets cannot become the substitute of laptops in near future. There are a lot of thing a phone or tablet could not perform as compare to the laptop. Besides other things, we all know how important and useful feature is there in laptops and desktop PCs to capture the screenshot. Surprisingly, the same feature is also present in the iOS and Android devices yet it is not visible or present in any app or settings menu but it is accessible via a shortcut.

How to capture screenshot in iOS devices?

Taking the screenshot in iOS device is quite simple and easy. All you have to do is to press the lock screen button and home button at the same time. In some device you have to hold those buttons for some milliseconds to successfully take the screenshot.

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If your device is not muted then you’ll hear a shutter should as well as a visual confirmation of the successful screen capture. You can find that screenshot in the photos.

How to capture screenshot in Android devices?

In the Android devices, the basic idea is the same yet the shortcut is quite different. As many Android devices such as Nexus 7 lack the home button, you have to press the power button and the volume down button. Unlike the iOS devices, you have to press and hold these buttons for fraction of a second. You’ll hear a capturing sound and animation which confirms that the screenshot is successfully taken.

You can access that shot from the gallery or simply from the notification bar which also shows the screenshot.

What is the use of screenshot?

A screenshot might come in handy in several different situations. The best part is that, you can take the screenshot at any screen. It means that regardless of you are running an app or playing a game, you can take the screenshot whenever you want. With this feature, the possibilities are limitless as you can share whatever you want and whenever you want.

In the Android devices, the screenshot is saved in the gallery while you also see the screenshot in the notification bar. The notification bar allows the users to share the screenshot with anyone via email, Facebook, Twitter and every other sharing option they have in device.

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