Best Apps Of 2014

By on December 22, 2014

The year 2014 was (and still is) quite exciting for everyone who loves amazing Android and iOS apps. Following is a list of top apps of this year.


Mailbox is one of the most amazing apps of this year. It helps you to manage multiple email accounts from a single app. You can delete unwanted emails with a single swipe and even “snooze” less important emails. Mailbox is a quite helpful and efficient way to increase your day to day productivity.

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Sunrise Calendar

Sunrise Calendar is an alternative of Google Calendar for Android devices. Unlike Google Calendar’s boring and straight forward user interface, Sunrise Calendar has a colorful and more informative structure and interface. You can integrate Sunrise Calendar with your social media accounts to get useful data automatically to manage your precious time.


Inbox is developed by Google itself and it is direct competitor of Mailbox and Google’s own Gmail. What it does is quite simple but very useful; it helps users managing their emails, multiple emails account and it is smart enough to learn users’ behavior toward different emails to take future actions automatically without users’ interaction. Currently Inbox by Google is available for invite only but hopefully we’ll see this app in action in upcoming months.

Tynker-Code to Learn

As the name suggests Tynker is an educational app and service that helps kids learning programming skills and algorithm thinking. With this app installed on their smart phones and tablets, users can learn to code at their home with the help of collection of coding puzzles. It also has a sandbox mode that allows users to design and write their own apps and games.

Yahoo News Digest

Yahoo News Digest is a unique idea with amazing structure and design. This app gets news from multiple sources and then shows those news, videos, images and context in the app. It updates those contents twice a day. Yahoo News Digest is available for multiple platforms and you can download it for free.


As security is a major issue, developers have been trying hard to secure users’ online presence for last couple of years. As the name suggests “1Password” helps you store your passwords without any effort. All you have to do is store your passwords in this app and later you can login anywhere with just few taps and without remembering that password.

Google Docs

Google Docs has been available on Google Play Store for many years but now Google has split Google Docs from Google Drive and both apps now work separately. Google Drive is all about cloud storage and now it has no direct link with Google Docs. On the other hand, Google Docs is all about word processing and you can download it on your Android or iOS device for free from Google Play Store.

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  • Carmen

    Mailbox sounds good. it saves time which is everyone’s priority nowadays right ?

  • Amy

    Well i like them all. This is the greatest release till now. Most of them are already existing and they only provide new updates. I would really like to try them all so any experience would be of great help. Thanks :)

  • Usher ”

    I use google docs pretty much and very often

  • Monny

    google docs are also very good for me :)

  • Elizabeth

    Tynker also sounds good. I really like it a lot. What do you think of it.. Has anyone try it so far?

  • Oliver

    Well Elizabeth. I tried to download it and install it and it is ok so far. It actually provides lots of useful programming features :) I gladly recommend it to you

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks Oliver.. i ‘ll have that in mind :)

  • Frank

    Yahoo is setting up good apps nowadays. Did you guys notice that? I tried this News digest app and it is cool :)

  • Huggard

    Google docs is a wonderful app :)

  • Jason

    Well, guys we are already familiar with these apps. Please release some new ones :)))))

  • Estefania W

    yea google play store did a great job congrats :)

  • Bruse

    mmmm good updates :)

  • Gordon

    Google docs are pretty useless apps :(

  • Kendis

    Mailbox sounds very, very good for me :)

  • Capital F

    Mailbox sounds perfect :) One can make a great usage of it…..

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    Yahoo news digest

  • Bitmap

    Google docs is well updated :)

  • Howard 35

    Mailbox works wonderful :)

  • Muuuushh^

    What about inbox ??

  • Summer Walls

    Yesssss i must agree i also like Mailbox…Actually all of them sound wonderful :)

  • Linaaa

    Well cute enough i like all of them :)

  • Scotty

    Sunrise Calendar sounds amazing :)

  • Julliana

    Amazing updates

  • One touch

    Mailbox is good but anyway i am not sure that i can use them

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    Google docs is fantastic app :)

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    Amazing they are all good :)

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    Google docs updates are very useful and good apps :)

  • Single man

    Sunrise calendar is very good app… Sounds good :)

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    1 Password is very good. it sounds coool

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    Yahoo news digest is very good app. I don’t know how to use it but anyway i ll might find some tutorial about it :)

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