Android Lollipop: Amazing Features

By on October 21, 2014

As you already know Google has announced Nexus 6 smartphone, Nexus 9 tablet and latest version of Android platform “Lollipop” few days ago. Obviously, new Nexus devices come with this latest version and other devices will also get this update via OTA update. According to Google, the Lollipop release is their “sweetest release yet”, thought the new version is not available yet but people have already tried developer’s preview edition on their devices. Google made this version compatible to almost all devices like phones, tablets and wearable devices like smart watch. Let’s talk about different features of this latest release.


Android Lollipop is much cleaner and easier to use because of its revolutionized user interface. Google has used beautiful animation, 3D icons, 3D shadows with much smoother transitions and animation. This user interface is much responsive and colorful than any Android version released before. Transitions between different apps and tasks are very fluid and you will absolutely enjoy this new design.



Notifications are strong side of Android ecosystem, though the existing notification system in earlier versions of Android is very useful and easy but Google has introduced a whole new notification center in this release. Android Lollipop allows users to choose apps and people from whom they want to receive notifications. If you are playing a game or watching a movie and a call comes in then it will not stop the existing task you are doing but it will float on the top of screen. In other words, Android Lollipop allows users to configure their notification bar with some advance features.


Google has taken a big step in Android Lollipop. Unlike previous versions of Android operating systems, Android Lollipop has ART (Android Runtime); all other Android versions had Dalvik Runtime. The new ART has 4 times better performance as well as ability to run better graphics and more complex user interface. As 64 bit architecture is future of mobile and tablets, ART is compatible with 64 bit architecture as well as with x86 architecture. According to industry veterans, 64 bit architecture by Google Lollipop is a giant step toward innovation.

Battery Life

Battery Life is a big issue for big devices like Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Android Lollipop introduced Project Volta that has so many battery saving features. First of all, Android Lollipop allows developers to write Android apps with battery friendly nature. Google also has introduced some feature in the Android Lollipop that users can access. For example, the battery saving mode in this latest release can save up to 90 minutes of extra battery in emergency situations. Android Lollipop also shows how long your device will survive without a recharge.

Better Camera

Android KitKat introduced a simpler and better camera, but Android Lollipop has something different to offer. Android Lollipop allows users to change different settings of the camera from settings menu. In this latest release, users can change shutter speed, ISO and focus mode of their camera if their device has such features.

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